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Loading bellows for the loading of bulk materials

The loading bellows of the company LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH represents an optimal solution for dust-free loading of bulk materials. It is universally applicable and solves every individual problem by tailor-made adaptation.

The loading bellows of type LMB is available in three basic variants with different numbers of rope guides and different sizes. Depending on the type, the loading bellows are supplied with:

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH
  • Hand guide ring
  • Closing cone
  • Dust hood
  • Full notifier
  • Aspiration connection

... and thus offer safe and comfortable handling. LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH supplies replacement bellows for existing plants, also from other manufacturers.

LMB offers the following types:

  • TW 30/00-S2-H
  • TW 29/50-S1-E
  • TW 30/50-S1-H
  • TW 30/50-S1-E
  • TW 30/50-S3-H
  • TW 30/50-S3-E
  • TW 40/60-S1-E
  • TW 40/60-S3-E
  • TW 50/70-S3-E

The respective type designations indicate the inner and outer diameter, the number of rope guides (S) and the type of winch (electric winch E or manual winch H).

Do you have questions about our services?

If you have any questions about our offers or other requests, please feel free to send an e-mail. We will get in touch with you immediately. You can also simply call us at +49(0) 5144 606440.

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