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Mixer type TM 100-700

The company LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH, as the successor of Lutterberg Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmbH, offers different types of free fall mixers and concrete mixers made of stainless steel. These can be used in different areas for mixing and homogenising products.

All mixing drums and frames are completely made of stainless steel and can be filled with product up to approx. 70 %. The following accessories are included with all TM 300 mixers with long drum:

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH
  • Timer
  • Selectable turning device
  • Adjustable speed

The following variants can be distinguished according to customer specifications:

  • 100-700 l water volume
  • 2 drum types possible: short and long design
  • A manual actuator or electric rotary actuator
  • Cover made of 1.4571 with Quick-Connect clamping ring and flared sealing ring made of EPDM (FDA and EG1935/2004 compliant)
  • Drain system with a flared sealing ring made of EPDM (FDA and EG1935/2004 compliant)
  • Articulated feet or castors
LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH


LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH

long drum, electropolished

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH

short drum

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH

drainage system

LMB offers the following mixing tools: shovel | finger | tea | shaft

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH


These mixing elements mix and homogenise different types of bulk materials with similar particle size and density, e. g. powders, granulates, dry and wet products

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH


This mixing tool is suitable for the processing of agglomerates, dried fruits and sticky products

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH


By using these mixing elements, dried fruits in tea, for example, can be mixed in well

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH


Gentle processing of food, such as salads, poultry, meat, fish and sensitive products

TML 185

The TML 185 is a less expensive version and holds a water volume of 185 L. The mixing drum, i.e. all parts in contact with the product, are made of V4A, the frame of painted mild steel. The drum can be filled up to 70 % and tilted manually.

If you have questions about our mixers or change requests, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH
LMB Lorentz Mühlenbau GmbH - Branding
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